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Hey you !

You are looking for some information about that very special English club ?You're at the right place and you would be at a better place if you join us to debate at the CHS on a Monday evening. The question might be, what do we mean by "debate”?

Everyone is talking with friends about society in everyday life, around one topic we always have some people for and some others against. At that club we offer you the opportunity to debate into teams with limited time, an audience and a jury. You may think that it's difficult or that your level of English isn't high enough to express your opinion, we can assure you that it's false, you only need to overcome your fear of talking. Moreover you will be helped and assist by coaches who are... English teachers!

Don't worry about it, they aren't here to assess your level of English and making mistake is absolutely okay! Beyond improving your English becoming part of the Debating Society will help you to enhance your confidence, your fluency and your argument.

By the way, you won't have to come every week, you are welcome whenever you want and the only thing you need is having a personal opinion (and we are sure that most of you have one) For more information you can contact us by mail or on Facebook.

The Fb page : https://fb.me/DebatingSocietyINSA

The Fb group : Members of the Debating Society



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